Führer and Seducer

Führer and Seducer

2024  •  136 min  •  HD
Rating: 6/10 (127 users)
Country: Germany
Subtitles: English
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In 1938, Joseph Goebbels is at the height of his power for the time being, while Hitler is celebrated by the people. The dictator now marches resolutely towards war. However, the propaganda has put a lot of strain on the subject of peace, so that a sudden change of direction is not possible so quickly. Goebbels' work comes under heavy criticism from his Führer and he does everything he can to regain his reputation and fuel the population's enthusiasm for the war. He triggers the pogrom of 9 November 1938 and plans anti-Semitic films, in the realization of which Hitler intervenes in every detail. An almost perfect and controlled staging succeeds, especially in connection with large mass events. The highlight was the victory parade after the capitulation of France, which was planned down to the last detail. In 1941, Goebbels is back on top with Hitler. With the "Russian campaign", the war really begins for Hitler and the mass murders reach their climax.

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