Girl You Know It's True

Girl You Know It's True

2023  •  124 min  •  HD
Rating: 7.5/10 (37 users)
Country: Germany
Subtitles: English
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For his next project, successful music producer Frank Farian hires dancers Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan and helps the two friends to a skyrocketing success. Under the name Milli Vanilli, Rob and Fab storm the international charts, land three number one hits in the USA and enjoy the extravagant life in Hollywood. Only a small circle of insiders know their secret: the duo don't sing themselves, they just move their lips - to the voices of the real singers. At the height of their fame, Rob and Fab even win a Grammy, but the situation behind the scenes becomes increasingly tense and Milli Vanilli threatens to become the biggest scandal in music history. Not only the truth is at stake, but also their friendship...

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